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How do I close my account?

Whilst paid/trial accounts will simply be downgraded to the free webmail service if no form of renewal is made, you can request a full cancellation of the account with permanent deletion of all email data.

Such cancellations can be requested by contacting the helpdesk from your registered account or alternative email address.

Service News

Updated 6 days ago

The ShellShock Bug

12:08 on 26th Sep

Dear Members, the internet wide 'ShellShock' bug that is in the news has the potential to be a major incident. We ensured that any affected servers were immediately updated yesterday morning. Any further updates will also be applied as soon as available. So far we have not detected any attack on our systems and we are closely monitoring the developing situation

Mail server issue

15:20 on 29th Jul

[15.19] We are currently investigating an issue with one of our mail servers that will be affecting the service for around 25% of our members. Updates to follow.

[15.24] The mail server in question is now being rebooted, and the data stores synchromised. 

[15.26] Everything is now running normally and access should be restored. However we will continue to monitor the service while it stabilises.