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How do I close my account?

Whilst paid/trial accounts will simply revert to a free of charge state if no form of renewal is made, you can request a full cancellation of the account with permanent deletion of all email data.

Such cancellations can be requested by contacting the helpdesk from your registered account or alternative email address.

Service News

Updated 7 days ago

The Heartbleed Bug: ALL CLEAR

03:45 on 10th Apr

Dear Members - you may have heard about this Heartbleed bug that affects vast numbers of servers on the internet including the likes of Yahoo, Google and Amazon. We can confirm that your Aluminati service is NOT vulnerable and that your personal information stored with us has not been at risk. 

However, if you are using the same password for your account here as you do with other affected services, it is advised to change your password in case it was compromised on another service.

Because of cases like this you should really be using different passwords for every service you use. This sounds impossible to manage but there are now some good (free) solutions such as LastPass that make this level of security feasible.

Outage report for 31/3/14

14:56 on 02nd Apr

At approximately 7.10pm BST on Sunday 31st March 2014, the data centre which houses our servers experienced an interruption in which their routers were unable to route traffic to the internet.


The issue stemmed from a large installation which was flooding its peer networks with unproductive route information, which then propagated through the data centre's core routers.


An immediate fix was determined and implementation started within 30 minutes, however it took another 30 minutes for the routing tables to re-converge.


Normal service resumed at approximately 8.20pm BST.


The data centre has now implemented measures to reduce the likelyhood of a simliar incident from having such a large impact in the future.