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How do I set up an Out of Office automated response?

If needed, you can set up an Out of Office autoreply for your account. This is useful for alerting anyone emailing you that you are currently not able to access your Emails. See below for how to set this up depending if you are using Old Webmail or New Webmail:

New Webmail

To set up an Out of Office autoreply using New Webmail, simply log in to your webmail account and Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings found in the top right hand of the screen.
  • Go to the Out of Office section.


  • Here you can add a Subject and Body text of the auto response you would like (just like a normal email). The Subject will be the subject for the Email, and the Body will be the main email message.
  • In the Start Time and End Time boxes, you can set the dates and times you want the Autoreply to be active between. Clicking on these boxes will bring up a small calendar/time list for you to select from.


  • The Send auto-reply when email is sent to... allows you to specify which alias on your account you want the auto reply to work for. For more about Aliases, you can read our help guide here.
  • Status allows you to turn the autoreply on and off.
  • When you have finished creating or editing your auto response, click the Save button at the bottom.


Old Webmail

If using the Old Webmail interface, to set up an Out of Office autoreply, first go to your Webmail Inbox and then click OPTIONS at the top of the page.


  • If you have the basic options page, go to the bottom and click on the Forwarding and Auto-replies: Click to set 'Out of Office' responses and email forwarding link.


  • If you have the advanced (full) options page, you should see the Forwarding and Autoreplies link near the bottom.


To set up your Autoreply, fill out the Autoreply Subject and the Autoreply Message sections of this page. This will be sent as an Email, with the Autoreply Subject being the Subject line of the Email, and the Autoreply Message being the main message within the Email.

After you are happy with your Autoreply, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save it. This will then start sending a reply to any Email messages you receive.


To turn off the autoreply, simply delete the Autoreply Subject and Autoreply Message and then click Submit.


If you have any further issues setting up a automated response, please contact our helpdesk at

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